6 foods that improve sleep quality and help you get on with your routine


A good sleep is the key to health and productive work. Many people have trouble sleeping. And sometimes, in order to eliminate them, it is enough to change your diet. Some foods are great for helping to normalize circadian rhythms and improve sleep quality.

Bananas have many health benefits. These fruits are better than most at satisfying the appetite. Yes, they are high in calories. But it is better to eat a banana at night than a burger or fries.

Bananas contain the amino acid tryptophan. This substance stimulates the synthesis of melatonin and serotonin. The hormone melatonin helps to normalize sleep, and serotonin improves mood. Experts advise eating bananas no later than an hour before bedtime.

In addition, in this fruit

Chamomile tea is one of the most harmless remedies for restful sleep. Of course, a flower will not save you from constant insomnia. But he is great for helping people who suffer from overexertion or worry about problems.

Chamomile tea contains apigenin, which has a sedative effect. Study by scientists from India

Almost all people associate oatmeal with breakfast. But few people know that she is able to help a person fall asleep. Oatmeal saturates the body with melatonin, thereby regulating sleep and wakefulness cycles.

In addition, oatmeal contains a large amount of selenium. And with a lack of this trace element

These tasty nuts are high in protein and magnesium. In addition, almonds contain a large amount of B vitamins. They help to normalize the functioning of the nervous system.

And also almonds

A glass of warm milk with honey at night is one of the best remedies for insomnia, especially for the elderly. This drink is easy to digest as it does not contain indigestible sugars. Natural honey, in turn, contains only natural sugars — fructose and glucose.

Increased blood glucose levels

Saltwater fish are the main source of omega-3 fatty acids. These acids are involved in the synthesis of substances that significantly affect human sleep. Thus, the level of one of the important components, docosahexaenoic acid, is directly related to the synthesis of melatonin.

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Most of the omega-3 fatty acids are found in salmon, halibut and tuna.

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