6 big cities that could disappear in less than 50 years


Global warming is bad news. Floods, landslides, the death of animals and the disappearance of cities await the planet. Even many modern megacities will be affected by climate change.

Houston is the capital of the American oil and gas industry. It is located just 15 meters above sea level. In recent years, the city has «sagged» by 3 centimeters. Every year the rate of its immersion under water increases. Now she

It is worth noting that global warming is not the only culprit. Houston is literally digging his own grave. Its flooding is facilitated by mining, which leads to greater subsidence of the soil.

The largest city in Nigeria may disappear in two decades. And millions of its inhabitants will lose their homes over their heads. The rate of the city sinking under water is up to 7 centimeters per year.

Local authorities are deeply concerned. The government is going to impose fines and even imprisonment for drilling wells with its own hands.

However, this proposal caused a lot of controversy, since access to clean water in Lagos is already severely limited. In search of the best, people drill wells without permission and exacerbate the city’s situation.

One of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world could be completely submerged in less than 50 years. Previously, Venice settled at a rate of 5 millimeters per year. But over the past century, the rate of immersion

The main city square is flooded more than a hundred times every year.

The Italian government is spending millions of euros to build dams and dams that could save the city. The only question is whether they will have time or in half a century there will be nothing to save.

China’s largest financial center is also threatened with extinction. The city with all its huge infrastructure has become very difficult for the land on which it is built.

The metropolitan authorities have spent more than one and a half billion dollars to build protective structures. Thanks to this, the rate of subsidence of the city did not stop, but at least

One of the most popular resorts in America is flooded so often that scientists are seriously talking about its possible disappearance by 2030. The geological structure makes the city vulnerable:

On the territory of the city, you can often see road equipment and workers. They fight the coming flood every year. True, this does not help much: every year there are floods

The capital of an island state may disappear along with all adjacent territories

Government annually

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