6 amazing natural phenomena that are terribly hard to believe


Unexplained atmospheric phenomena, amazing geological structures and mysterious creations of nature cause us incomprehension and admiration at the same time.

A rare and rather dangerous storm collar that occurs only off the coast of Australia in the Gulf of Carpentaria. Clouds form 100-200 m above the ground,

An unusual meteorological phenomenon is observed in the early morning from September to mid-November. The sleeve acquires its shape due to the rapid circular movement of air from bottom to top. Why the wind behaves in this way, scientists cannot yet answer.

A natural monument in Northern Ireland, representing 40 thousand basalt columns tightly knocked together to each other. Most of the posts are hexagonal, the tallest figure

It is estimated that 50-60 million years ago, Ireland experienced a series of powerful volcanic eruptions. The lava from them covered vast spaces, quickly dried out and, under the pressure of the newly pressing hot basalt, shrank, acquiring its present shape.

Another amazing creation of nature is terraced formations, reminiscent of the stepped pyramids of Ancient Egypt. The largest building is 42 meters high.

The abundance of ideal geometric shapes, rocky structures that look like man-made arches, as well as primitive tools found by scientists at the bottom of the ocean, suggest that the «pyramids» are of man-made origin.

For example, writer Graham Hanhock believes that underwater structures are quite

According to geologist Robert Shock, the rocks cracked and took on bizarre outlines on their own. The fact is that they consist of sandstone, and under the influence of earthquakes, it tends to crack.

Believe it or not, the stones in American Death Valley do travel on their own. Soulless rocks weighing up to 36 kg are wound up to 300 meters in 7 years, periodically accelerating to 5 meters per minute.


An amazing example of balancing is boulders weighing several hundred tons, hanging on the edge of cliffs for thousands of years. There are such structures all over the world: a falling stone in the Ergaki Natural Park in Russia, the Golden Buddha Stone in Myanmar, a rock in Digby County in Canada, etc.

Neither the wind, nor earthquakes, nor inquisitive tourists, who test the limits of the capabilities of their muscles, can move them.

A chameleon in the world of trees, it can be colored green, blue, purple, orange and burgundy. The color of the plant changes regularly, often casting several shades at once.

It looks unrealistic, as if it was painted by hand, but absolutely real! A miracle of nature is growing in warm tropical countries,

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