5 territories of the planet that do not belong to any of the countries


No man’s land is a territory that is not covered by the sovereignty of any state in the world. Whole continents were once lonely, but since the time of geographical discoveries and European colonization, there are only 5 such regions on the planet.

A piece of land with an area of ​​2060 km²,

The region owes its suspension to the colonial policy of Great Britain, which ruled both African countries in the 19th century. In 1898, the British divided the border between Egypt and Sudan along the 22nd parallel.

However, in 1902, England unilaterally awarded Bir Tawil to Egypt, and handed over another region, the Halaiba Triangle, to Sudan. The Egyptians were furious: the triangle that once belonged to them is rich in oil and fertile lands, and Bir-Tawil is a desert.

In 1995, after long border skirmishes, Egyptian troops took the Halaib triangle back, and Bir Tawil returned to Sudan. However, the region turned out to be of no use to anyone. Today it remains uninhabited, it is simply dangerous to live there.

A densely forested abandoned land located at the intersection of the borders of Serbia and Croatia,

The region became ownerless after the collapse of Yugoslavia. Since then, territorial disputes have not subsided between the countries that gained independence. The Gorny Sig is renounced so as not to lose the rights to the more tasty disputed lands.

In 2015, Czech activist Vit Jedlichka created the virtual state of Liberland there, and later distributed citizenship to more than 30 residents from different countries. True, the Croatian and Serbian border guards do not allow anyone there, and the territory continues to be empty.

Antarctica, according to the 1959 convention, is recognized as a public domain and a neutral territory. Only scientific activities are allowed there. However, many countries have their claims to Antarctica. If the convention is canceled, the continent will simply be pulled apart.

Stands apart

However, in the sector there are two abandoned scientific stations — the American «Bird» and the Russian «Russian». Both sides

Region with an area of ​​266 800 km²

The hottest confrontation is between Morocco and the self-proclaimed Sahara Arab Democratic Republic (SADR). The latter is actively supported by Algeria.

The Spaniards, who controlled the territory until 1976, became the culprits of the conflict. Leaving home, Spain did not decide who the abandoned colony would belong to.

Two islets in the South China Sea

Officially, Scarborough Reef is no man’s land. but

The main argument of the Celestial Empire is that the islands were discovered by Chinese sailors in the 13th century. True, the cards from that period have not survived and you need to believe in words. China ignores the decision of the International Court of Justice and the protests of its neighbors.

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