5 smallest countries in the world


There are 195 countries in the world. Each of them has its own customs, sights and culture. Moreover, some states are so small that they occupy the territory of a small city or even fit in its area.

The Vatican is the smallest country in the world both in area and in population. The state is located in the middle of Rome and borders on Italy on all sides.

Millions of people come here every year to admire the cultural and archaeological sites. The country’s main source of income is donations from Catholics. The state also makes a profit from the sale of souvenirs and museum tickets.

The Vatican is one of the few theocratic states on the planet

Monaco is a tiny state located in the south of Europe. For a long time it was part of either France or Italy. By the 19th century, the country gained independence and became a resort for wealthy people from all over the world.

Monaco still retains this title:

In addition, the country is the most populous in the world: 39 thousand people live on a tiny piece of land. Residents of the country do not strive to get higher education. Most school graduates go straight to work in tourism or business.

Nauru is a small island nation with a population of 10,000.

People began to spend money uncontrollably, each family had 4-5 cars. But when the local phosphate mines were depleted, the country’s economy collapsed. The islanders had nothing to offer the rest of the world.

Over the course of a century, the inhabitants dug up all the resources, cut down the forests and literally turned their home into a desert. Today, unemployment on the island is 95%.

The country tried to attract investment, create offshore companies, sell passports with the possibility of visa-free travel around the world. But all the measures have failed, and Nauru lives in deep poverty with no way to get out of it.

One of the smallest and oldest states in the world was founded in 301.

The country has amazing mountain landscapes that delight tourists. But becoming a citizen of San Marino is not easy. You need to live in the country for 30 years and renounce the citizenship of other countries. Since the state is a duty-free zone, many things can be bought here 20% cheaper than in neighboring Italy.

This dwarf state is located in the Alps between Switzerland and Austria. It is difficult to get into the country, because there is not a single airport here. The nearest road is 1.5 hours from Zurich by bus.

The country has a decent standard of living, while there is no unemployment.