5 richest people in the history of the Russian Empire


The late 19th and early 20th centuries were an amazing time for the Russian Empire. The country developed at a rapid pace never seen before. The pre-war years from 1907 to 1913 were remembered for the satiety and growth of well-being for the entire Russian people.

It is not surprising that in such conditions there were people who made huge amounts of money by their labor.

Alexander Vtorov is a Russian merchant who has gotten out of rags to riches. Having opened a small business in Irkutsk in 1866, after 5 years he created fairs throughout Siberia. City dwellers were able to buy goods from distant lands at affordable prices.

Nikolai, the son of Alexander, continued the work of his father and

By 1914, Nikolai Vtorov had become the richest man in the Russian Empire. His condition

The founder of the family, Emmanuel, is a man with a rich history, innovator and inventor. From scratch, he set up the production of rapid-fire guns, sea mines and steamers in Russia.

Emmanuel’s son Ludwig gained even greater influence. He

The fortune of entrepreneurs is $ 720 million at current prices. In 1918, the Bolsheviks nationalized the Nobel factories, forcing them to leave for Sweden.

The representative of the entrepreneurial dynasty of the Morozovs. His grandfather bought himself and his family out of serfdom, creating a small weaving workshop and turning 5 rubles of initial capital into 17 thousand, and then into millions!

The merchant’s children continued his work.

The Morozovs’ legacy is not capital, which by 1914 was $ 530 million at today’s exchange rate. These are huge factories that clothed the entire country and supplied fabrics to the inhabitants until the end of the 20th century.

At the end of the 19th century, railways came to Russia. State roads were built slowly, and therefore had to be built by private individuals.

Samuil Polyakov became one of these figures.

After the death of Samuel, his brothers continued the business. Unfortunately, they were unable to preserve the legacy of the «railway king» and went bankrupt. The maximum capital of the Polyakovs was 50 million gold rubles, or 600 million dollars.

The prince, who united at once 2 ancient Armenian families — Abamelekov and Lazaryan. He was engaged in the smelting of high-quality iron with a low content of impurities, for this he constantly modernized the production.

Abamelek-Lazarev also mined and supplied coal from the Kizelovsky basin in the Urals. Subsequently, this mine will become the largest in the USSR and will close only in 2000. The entrepreneur amassed a capital of 45 million gold rubles, or $ 540 million.

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