5 reasons why coronavirus is more dangerous than flu and other diseases

The COVID-19 pandemic has swept the entire planet and has prevented us from returning to our previous way of life for more than a year. Many doctors say that the coronavirus will become a seasonal illness like the flu or acute respiratory infections.

It would seem that humanity is not facing epidemics for the first time: in recent years, the world has been overwhelmed by waves of flu, Ebola and Zika. But COVID-19 not only added to the piggy bank of diseases, but also quickly spread across the planet, becoming a full-blown pandemic.

The process can be stopped either by total isolation forever, or by vaccination. There are simply no other ways.

COVID-19 and flu are quite similar. Both are caused by viruses and spread by airborne droplets. They even have similar symptoms: fever, weakness, cough, fever, shortness of breath.

However, the similarities end with a comparison of the lighter forms. More often coronavirus

The illness lasts much longer than the flu, up to several weeks! And even after recovery, cases of loss of smell or taste, constant fatigue, and decreased brain activity are recorded. Those who are faced with covid will definitely not forget this experience.

Unfortunately, the older a person is, the more dangerous any disease is for him. Coronavirus is no exception, due to weak immunity, the elderly carry the infection much harder than young people. Unfortunately, deaths from pneumonia caused by COVID-19 are not uncommon.

The disease is especially dangerous for chronic people and people over 60, but it also affects young people, so everyone needs the vaccine. For example, recently the age structure of the sick has changed dramatically. If earlier people of older age, who have weaker immunity, were more susceptible to coronavirus, now the disease is clearly “younger”.

People are getting sick more and more often

If flu, measles, smallpox and other infections have been known to us from time immemorial, vaccines have been found for them, and the majority of the population are vaccinated and acquire immunity in childhood, then the SARS-CoV-2 virus appeared only a year and a half ago.

A full study will take years, and during this time there is a huge risk of facing the dire consequences of a pandemic. Effective medicines

The vaccine cannot make others sick or infect because it does not contain a live virus. Only a non-multiplying virus particle is injected with the vaccine. In response to it, antibodies are produced in the body, which subsequently protect against coronavirus and its consequences.

Like any virus, SARS-CoV-2 is able to mutate to adapt to its environment. The latest type of coronavirus, the delta strain, has led to a new wave of disease around the world. Perhaps the virus will continue to mutate and return annually, and therefore will have to defend against it constantly.

A vaccine is a medical product of biological origin, the introduction of which triggers the work of the immune system, followed by the formation of immunity to a certain agent without manifesting a clinical picture of the disease. And with the subsequent collision with the virus, antibodies are already present in the body that protect against the development of a specific disease.

Research Effectiveness of Current Vaccines

In Moscow, as in most cities, vaccinations are offered at the clinic by appointment. There are also mobile vaccination teams in shopping malls, public service centers and even in Luzhniki. Here they are accepted on a first come, first served basis, and the working hours of a specific mobile brigade are on the website.

Well, if you don’t really want to sit in a clinic or stand in line at a shopping center, then you can get vaccinated in almost any park in the Healthy Moscow pavilion. Now the pavilions work only for vaccination and accept people without registration. Just come in, consult a doctor, choose a vaccine and get vaccinated. You can find the nearest pavilion in the park on the website