5 promising jobs coming soon


Scientific discoveries and technological progress are moving the world far ahead. New industries and professions are emerging that people have not heard of before.

Space is becoming the lot of not only scientists, but also tourists. The first commercial flight took place back in 1990, since then tours have been sent to the ISS every year.

In the summer of 2021, one of the richest people on the planet, Jeff Bezos, will go into space. SpaceX founder Elon Musk

True, at first it will cost a lot — from 200 thousand dollars. But wealthy people can afford such a pleasure. Over time, the price will fall due to the increase in supply, and many will be able to fulfill their childhood dream, fly into space!

Therefore, there will be a need for people who can make these trips fun and safe. At an early stage, astronauts will be able to perform their function. And in the future, you will have to train guides on space tourism. They will draw up a plan for such a trip, as well as tell in understandable words about what is happening in space.

Scientists predict that by 2025 the world’s population will reach 9 billion. Due to human activities, some regions of the planet will begin to desolate. Therefore, the profession of an environmental restoration engineer will be in demand.

People of this specialty

Engineers will need to monitor the correct disposal of waste and monitor the work of hazardous industries. People greatly neglect this in the modern world.

Over time, mankind plans to abandon hydrocarbons as a fuel and switch to environmentally friendly forms of energy — solar, hydro and wind power. A large headquarters of workers will be needed to service the stations. They have to solve the problem of how to operate the devices in cloudy and calm weather.

Currently, this profession is just emerging. Only 1.5% of electricity is generated by wind turbines. By 2050, this figure

First 3D printer

They are used for printing parts for the medical, jewelry and automotive industries. Already, printers are used in the construction of houses. Perhaps in a few decades the construction profession will become a thing of the past: a few printers will suffice.

But to create a high-quality model of a complex object, you need to have knowledge of architecture, design and other areas of construction, know about the correct application of printed material, etc. This should be done by the designer: the profession will be difficult, but highly paid.

Bioengineering is the future. Specialists in this field face the creation of artificial organs, genetic modification of plants and animals, victory over human aging.

Although it is possible to learn to be a biotechnologist now, much research is in the testing phase and there is no demand for the profession. It will appear in 10-30 years, when laboratory work will pass into the production stage.

Biotechnology will be applied in different spheres of life: medicine, transplantology, food and light industries. Bioengineering will become as important a profession as the chemical industry.

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