5 most common secondary housing problems. What can you face after moving?


When changing our place of residence, we often forget to check in new housing — rented or our own — commonplace things that can fail at any time.

It would seem that today everyone has the Internet on their phones, and a wired one is no longer needed. However, its speed still remains higher than that of mobile networks.

The problem is that not all homes are fiber-optic. Sometimes the provider announces the presence of such a connection, but in fact, old technologies are used up to connection via a home phone. As a result, you will not be able to watch the series or sit quietly on social networks.

What to do? It is worth checking the house for connection in advance by calling providers. Or ask the neighbors who live in this house.

Water gets behind the tiles, the toilet works every other time, a pipe burst — many people face poorly working plumbing. Perhaps the previous tenants disguised the problem and it worsened. Or the technique is out of order simply because it is old.

In order not to find yourself in an unpleasant situation, check in advance how the faucets work, the drain mechanism in the tank, if there are any water leaks on the floor and walls next to the bathroom, sink and toilet.

If you still encounter a problem, you can try to fix everything yourself, but it is best to invite a specialist who will cope faster and will not create new problems.

Parties at night, permanent renovations or the rumble of toys late at night — what awaits the one who is lucky enough to rent or buy an apartment next to such neighbors? Most likely a lack of normal sleep and comfort. And, possibly, conflicts with tenants, if it is not possible to agree with them.

Especially annoying are neighbors who make repairs in the apartment and cannot complete it in any way

How do you know in advance who you will live next to? You can find chats of houses on social networks — they usually discuss the loudest tenants. Or conduct reconnaissance in force — get to know your neighbors and test your intuition 🙂

Dampness in an apartment is a common problem in old houses. Because of it, mold appears on the walls, and spiders and other insects like to live in such places.

When choosing an apartment, smell it. A musty smell is a reason to check hidden places (behind the bathroom, behind kitchen cabinets) for mold. And pay attention to the wallpaper: if there are stains on them or they come off in places, this indicates the presence of moisture under them.

If the humidity in the house is high, it is worth buying an air dehumidifier. You can insulate the walls and periodically disinfect the air. And it is also imperative to call specialists to treat the apartment from mold and insects.

It would seem that we drove into the apartment, and everything works well. And then suddenly he cuts off the plugs. And again, and so 10 times a day. Most likely, the matter is in outdated wiring — it does not withstand the stress of technology. This problem is common in older homes. There can be many reasons: from one too powerful device to a large number of connected equipment.

Unfortunately, the condition of the wiring cannot be checked in advance. If you are buying an apartment in an old house and you are in doubt about the state of the wiring, it may be worth replacing it right away. The second option is to move and observe how the wiring will behave. If problems arise, you can replace it with a new one, install automatic fuses, make grounding, install a residual current device.

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