5 major disasters that happened in Russia over the past 5 years

2020 is the worst year in a long time. Our country is faced with the COVID-19 pandemic, several natural disasters and accidents in large cities. But in fact, many other disasters have occurred over the years.

The largest environmental disaster occurred in Norilsk in May 2020. At one of the thermal power plants, a fuel tank was depressurized.

Storage tanks have not been tested for a long time. Representatives of the Norilsk Nickel enterprise did not let Rostekhnadzor in, hiding behind constant repairs. As a result

This leak has created a threat to all animals in the Arctic Ocean. The formed hydrocarbon films cause oxygen starvation, and as a result, the death of fish.

But this is not so bad. Since petroleum products are volatile substances, they

One of the largest disasters in the world in many years. In the summer of 2019, wildfires affected 9 million hectares of forest. It covered almost all of Siberia with smoke.

The main cause of fires is careless handling of fire. Most fires

When the fires just started, they were not extinguished due to economic disadvantages

But as a result, a lot of animals and plants died from the fire, and the cities were covered with smoke and soot. Now for the complete restoration of the taiga to nature

The liner performed a daily scheduled flight from Moscow to Murmansk. Aboard

According to the crew members, a lightning bolt hit the plane, because of which communication was lost and the automatic control system failed. After 27 minutes after takeoff, it was decided to return to the airport.

After a rough landing, the plane caught fire

As a result of a fire on March 25, 2018

The fire started from the 4th floor, where movie theaters and children’s attractions were located. Due to the short circuit, the lamp melted, which began to drip onto the foam cubes and ignite them.

The fire spread instantly. At the same time, the warning system did not work, and the evacuation exits were closed. People started to panic. Many were unable to get out.

Only after a while will it become clear that

In October 2018, 18-year-old college student Vladislav Roslyakov planted explosives in the college cafeteria, and then opened fire on people. The guy wanted to become famous all over the world, imitating the actions of the killers who staged the shooting in American schools.

Roslyakov has been making plans since the beginning of 2017. For a long time he learned to shoot and even received a certificate. A few days before the college shooting, he’s legal

After the committed student shot himself. 21 people died from his actions, and more than 60 were injured.

Over the past 5 years, dozens of national calamities have occurred in Russia. We can only hope that we will realize the mistakes we made and learn how to prevent catastrophes in the future.