5 innovative ideas that will lead Russia to prosperity


Russians today

Share of oil and gas exports in Russia’s GDP

The only option not to become poorer is to develop alternative energy. We have plenty of opportunities: in nuclear and hydroelectric power plants, we occupy a leading position in the world, and there are many potential territories for wind turbines.

By attracting investments and investing revenues from gas and oil in the development of the industry, we will maintain our position as an energy power even after the abandonment of oil and gas.

Since 2016, in the Far East, you can get free land for use. Today any resident of Russia can do it. But there is one limitation: the land must be located 10 km from the cities. However, not everyone is ready to build a house in an open field “away from civilization”.

To accelerate the development of the country, it is worth expanding the «hectare» program to the territory near the cities, and even better — to the entire country. These lands remain undeveloped, and it is better to allow them to develop than to unsuccessfully try to sell them.


There is a lot to be done to get rid of corruption. Incorruptible courts, competition in the economy, but the main thing is the removal of bureaucratic barriers. The development of electronic services is one way to achieve this. With them, there is no need to meet with an official, and transparent conditions do not allow asking for a bribe.

The average life expectancy of Russians is 71 years, 10 years less than Europeans. This is a consequence of both the cold climate and the poor state of medicine: due to constant budget cuts, there are not enough medicines in hospitals, and a complex operation is almost impossible to do quickly and for free.

Entrepreneur and activist Dmitry Davydov

There is a lot of bureaucracy in Russia everywhere, but it is especially developed in the field of construction. For example, to register a building, you need to submit about 15 applications, wait 270 days and spend half a million rubles on fees!

If you look at the experience of South Korea, Singapore, Germany and other countries, the fees there are the same, but you need to wait less than 50 days. Dmitry Davydov

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I hope these ideas will be noticed by both people and the country’s leadership. Without their use, the development of Russia, the growth of incomes of its citizens and the formation of our country as a center of power of world importance are impossible.