5 highest paid and demanded professions in Russia


According to Rosstat, in 2020 the average salary of a resident of Russia was 51,352 rubles. Unfortunately, most people earn much less than this amount. However, some specialists receive huge salaries, and their work is always in demand.

Oil company workers

Thanks to this, the top managers of corporations can write bonuses for themselves in the millions of rubles, and the employees themselves are «chic» about the whole country. This also affects the average salaries of the regions where the oil fields are located — there this figure is 84-100 thousand rubles.

Pilot income


Space Pilots

Although the salaries of doctors in our country are quite low, narrow specialists can receive from 50 thousand rubles. Obstetricians and dentists are the leaders in the medical field — their salary

The length of study greatly affects the salary: 6 years in an educational institution and 2-3 years of practice are not within the power of everyone. In private clinics, salaries are 1.5–2 times higher than in public ones, so doctors often combine work in several places.

Average salary for an IT worker

Frontend is the creation of user interfaces. The demand for such specialists is very high, but the requirements are also serious: knowledge of several programming languages, analytical thinking, attentiveness and responsibility.

The beauty of the job is that in many companies you can get a job remotely and work from home, cafe or out of town.

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