5 countries that most often won wars


In history, there are states that were not inferior in power and retained hegemony for hundreds or even thousands of years and were included in the list of the most successful civilizations on the planet.

The numbers in this article are rather arbitrary! Only the number of wars is evaluated, not their success or loss. Also, some conflicts did not make it into history, and therefore were not taken into account.

«France», from the Latin «Francia» — a state whose history is customary to lead from 843, when the Carolingian empire of Charlemagne collapsed. The western part of the empire in the future turned into France, the eastern part — into Germany.

Thus, from the middle of the 9th century to 2019

The nation finally took shape at the end of the 15th century after the Hundred Years War and further political unification. By the 16th century, France had already become the largest state in Western Europe and the strongest power in the world.

It so happened that the military history of France today is judged by two unsuccessful campaigns in both World Wars, but at the same time they forget that until the middle of the 19th century, the French Empire was the flagship of Western civilization.

All modern military ranks, army organization, strategy and military terms

For the first time the title «King of England»

The rise of civilization

The history of the United States as an independent state, in fact

Despite the youth of the state, the Americans managed to win 833 victories. Such a huge figure is explained

Lost the United States just four times: the War of the Red Cloud

The rise of American civilization is associated with the collapse of the British colonial empire after World War II. The heyday of the United States began in 1991, when the last global enemy, the USSR, left the world arena.

It is customary to lead the history of the state since 862 — from the moment of the formation of the Old Russian state. 20 years later, Prophetic Oleg united the northern and southern centers of the Eastern Slavs, moving the capital to Kiev.

Kievan Rus became the basis of Russian statehood, but not the basis of civilization as a whole. Muscovy, Russian Empire, USSR, Russia — a society formed by the addition of Slavic traditions, European culture and the influence of Eastern peoples.

Under the influence of the Golden Horde, the unification of the Russian principalities around Moscow took place, it is the possessions of the former Tatar empire that today make up b

Russia achieved the peak of its power twice:

Throughout history, the power has won 491 victories. These are mainly wars with neighbors. Unfortunately, most of the wars were bloody for Russia, taking away thousands and millions of people.

Germany closes the five most successful states of mankind. Officially history of the Germans

German culture flourished at the end of the 19th century. Like Russia, Germany twice approached the peak of power — during the World Wars, but was thrown from the top twice. The Germans won 418 victories.

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