5 countries that may disappear in the next 30 years


In the Middle Ages, countries appeared and disappeared at the snap of a finger. Now this process has slowed down, but some modern states still threaten to disappear from the world map due to political confusion, climate change and other reasons.

The DPRK is one of the most closed countries in the world. And with this seclusion, she herself signed her own verdict. There is officially no private business in the country, and foreign investors cannot build factories here. The state spends all resources on the military sphere and the creation of weapons.

Because of this policy, the people live horribly:

In recent years, North Korea has been trying to mend relations with its southern counterpart and the United States, as well as to carry out reforms. If this fails and the country continues to spend all its forces on armaments, then either there will be no people left in the DPRK, or it will be swallowed up by South Korea.

Paradise islands, which many dream to visit, may soon disappear. And it’s not about economics or politics: nature itself is to blame.


The country has been torn apart by internal conflicts for more than 10 years: in peace and quiet, Iraq could exist only under a strong dictator. But after the assassination of Saddam Hussein and the NATO invasion, local

Sunnis and Shiites cannot resolve religious issues, and in the north, the Kurds are trying to secede and create their own state. If Iraq fails to resolve its internal problems, it will be swallowed up by neighboring Iran and Turkey, which express their claims to the region.

The United States is a unique country with many more states. After all, the American states are full-fledged entities that have their own laws and authorities. Moreover, they can differ radically, including issues of the death penalty or political structure.


The number of supporters of independence has doubled since the election of Donald Trump as president: Americans living in rich states did not like his radical statements.

If a person with similar motives comes to power in the future, many regions will think about independence. In this case, the United States will face a protracted crisis, and if it is not resolved, a single state may cease to exist.

Spain was formed in the Middle Ages as a result of the unification of the kingdoms of Castile and Aragon. At the same time, the Catalans, living well-fed and rich, considered themselves a separate people, did not want to unite into one state, and all the time, right up to the present, they tried to secede and create their own country.

Today this process continues, the movement for the independence of Catalonia is gaining momentum. In 2014 and 2017, the region held referendums,

Hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets and demanded the right to secede, but the central authorities dispersed them by force. This did not help: the crisis in the country persists, Catalan politicians intend to achieve independence from Spain.

The problem is that, apart from Catalonia, almost all regions want to leave the country: Basques are on strike in the north, and Galician people are on strike in the west. Too different cultures cannot get along in one state. Everything goes to the fact that Spain will soon split into pieces.

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