5 countries in which the most obese women live


Overweight is perhaps the most common phenomenon in the modern world. According to various estimates, in 2020, from 1.7 to 2.5 billion inhabitants of the planet were recognized as fat people. Somewhere obese women are considered the ideal of beauty, and somewhere — extra pounds are compared to a curse.

A country where obesity

Most of the population lives in cities, works in offices and eats unnatural foods saturated with salt, sugar and a huge amount of carbohydrates.

The result is an energy imbalance. A person gets more calories than his body needs. Residues are converted to fat and deposited under the skin. By the way, due to being overweight, American women are also among the five most busty women in the world.

Being overweight is a problem for 70% of Mexicans, 32% of them

Oddly enough, most overweight people are in urban families with low incomes. In rural areas, due to hard work in the sun and the abundance of natural food, the figures are much lower.

Considering the religious asceticism of the Arabs in food, it seems strange, but in the UAE every sixth inhabitant of the country is overweight. In terms of nationality, the most obese women are among local Pakistani women.

Of course, no one can admire them. Muslim women themselves are quite satisfied with themselves and,

An island kingdom in the Pacific Ocean with a population of 100,000.
The number of obese people in the archipelago exceeds

Local residents are indignant: until the end of the 20th century, the islanders ate coconuts and fish, and therefore were slender like fallow deer. The food is now based on imported products from Australia and New Zealand. First of all, arable land and turkey meat.

Imported goods turned out to be tastier and cheaper than sea fish and quickly conquered the food market.

Another island state with a population of 11 thousand people. The republic is the world leader in the number of overweight people. Here their

For Nauru, this is a national problem. As in Tonga, Western food quickly supplanted local fish and became incredibly popular.

To cope with the scourge, the authorities regularly organize island-wide sporting events and actively campaign for walking around the airport. Residents go to sports activities, but they do not stop gaining weight.

But the most slender people on the planet are the inhabitants of Southeast Asia. First of all, these are the Japanese, Koreans, Vietnamese. Very slender women also live in India, Ethiopia, and Tajikistan. Here the proportion of the overweight population is less than 1%.

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