5 countries in which the most beautiful girls live

Women’s beauty is perhaps the most important component of world culture, which has become an inspiration for many generations of poets, artists and philosophers.

Surely everyone has ever wondered where the most charming girls on the planet live?

According to a study by scientists from the Southern Federal University, in Russia, a portrait of a beautiful woman

Also, men focus on fluffy eyelashes, long thick hair, sensual lips and well-groomed smooth skin. The inner world of an ideal woman is characterized by sociability, tenderness, good breeding and intelligence. Which countries fit this description best?

For the Japanese, the creation and contemplation of beauty is a lifestyle, an activity on which the national culture is built. In this part of the world, white skin, fragility, softness and grace are considered attractive: in movements, words and clothes.

Trying to meet the standards, local women have been keeping an eye on their diet since ancient times, trying to avoid the sun to preserve their «porcelain» skin, and devote a lot of time to cosmetic procedures.

Today Japanese women

Danish women are the classic ideal of «correct» Western European beauty. Local women are distinguished by blonde hair, blue and green eyes, as well as a fragile, graceful physique.

In Scandinavia, however, appearances are deceiving. Danish women have an independent, rebellious character. In the region, the fairer sex often occupy leadership positions, do not accept persistent courtship from men and do not seek to please others.

Eastern Slavs are recognized beauties, renowned for their natural charm, at least since the Renaissance. Russian women are distinguished from other women by their cheerfulness, simplicity of character and natural femininity. They spend a lot of time on makeup and always dress beautifully.

It is believed that Russian women take family relations more seriously, they are loyal, economic and caring. They are the keepers of home and comfort.

Unexpectedly, since 2018, Venezuelans have officially

It is worth noting that the competitions pay attention not only to external criteria, but also to the education, manners and reputation of the participants. However, the correct facial features, an outstanding figure and a passionate character characterize all Latin American women in general.

It is believed that this is due to the centuries-old mixing of «hot» Spanish blood with Native American heritage. As a result, their bright appearance and explosive nature allows them to easily stand out from the crowd, overshadowing all other women.

The most beautiful inhabitants of the Black Continent

Local women are not familiar with modern cosmetics, are illiterate, have exotic ideas about beauty and do not burden themselves with marital fidelity. Himba has polygamy.

Nevertheless, local women really shock all visitors with their appearance. They are slim, have regular facial features and well-groomed skin.

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