5 countries in which Russia is preparing to build its military bases


Today Russia has 9 foreign military bases: in 5 CSTO countries, as well as Syria, South Ossetia, Moldova and Abkhazia. However, in the context of the new Cold War and competition for resources, politicians are increasingly talking about the expansion of our country’s military presence in the world.

Negotiations on the establishment of a military base in Vietnam


It must be said that this idea is not new for Russia. Since 1979, a Soviet naval base with 6,000 personnel has already been located in Cam Ranh, and the lease agreement expired only in 2001. The current interest is caused by the rivalry with the United States in the Pacific region and the search for new allies.

The Vietnamese are moving towards rapprochement with Russia for a reason. They entered into a territorial dispute with China over the Paracel Islands and the Spratly Islands, rich in oil and gas, and Russia is necessary for a peaceful settlement of the conflict with a powerful neighbor.

True, the «friendship of peoples» did not like American and Chinese foreign policy. Faced with cross-cutting pressure, in 2016 the Vietnamese Foreign Minister declared neutrality and a ban on the establishment of any foreign military bases on his territory.

Naval base in Sudan

The base will open access to the Indian Ocean

Another country interested in establishing stability in the region and ousting American partners from the Middle East. Russia

According to Western media outlets, a large Russian base, numbering up to 2,000 troops,

Both forces are supported by NATO countries to destabilize the situation in the country and control the oil fields. In this case, Russia is seen as the guarantor of the Libyan army’s survival in the event that NATO forces enter the conflict.

A Latin American country claiming hegemony in Central America. Officially, our politicians deny the desire to create a military post in this country. In turn, the Pentagon says that the Russian base in Nicaragua already exists.

It is an electronic reconnaissance point disguised as a GLONASS station, located near Managua. With her help, Russian intelligence officers

In return, the Latin Americans bargained with Russia for 50 T-72 tanks worth more than $ 80 million — more than the country’s entire military budget.

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