5 common professions that may disappear in the near future


There are 40 thousand professions in the world that are in demand on the labor market. But soon this number may be reduced significantly. With the advancement of technological progress and the replacement of manual labor with robots, many people may lose their jobs.

Travel agencies faced the same problem as realtors. Selecting a hotel, booking air tickets, searching for excursions — everything that a tour operator does can be done by yourself without unnecessary problems by visiting only a couple of sites.

According to labor statistics in the United States, the number of travel agents in the country in two years

Although a salesperson is not the most prestigious job, no store can exist without him. More precisely, it could not exist: in recent years, supermarkets have been actively building self-checkout counters.

With the help of this system, the buyer places the goods himself, scans it with a barcode and deposits the money. You won’t be able to steal goods, they are protected by labels and sensors.

It is much more profitable for a store to purchase several such devices than to pay monthly salaries to employees. Self-checkout counters are already actively used in the world; they have recently come to Russia and are slowly replacing cashiers.

Today in Russia

IT giants and car concerns are actively testing self-driving cars — cars that can drive without a driver. They recognize objects around, know the rules of the road and react faster in dangerous situations than humans.

An unmanned car will not break the rules, will not drive through a red light and will definitely not drink before driving. Smart cars are already replacing drivers: by 2035 they will

Call center manager is a tough profession. They call with promotional offers and try to interest customers, although in 99% of cases they will simply be refused.

Now, instead of people, bots often call — automatic programs capable of making hundreds of thousands of calls a day. They learn to recognize speech and offer products tailored to the interests of the buyer. With them there is no need for operators, 1-2 programmers are enough to control and improve the bot.

Usually, when renting or buying real estate, we find ourselves on intermediaries — realtors. They make life easier for homeowners, as they themselves look for tenants and buyers and agree with them on all the details.

However, the number of realtors is constant

We ourselves can look at the photos of the future apartment, ask to show it through a video call, find out the rating of the property owner. You no longer need to go around dozens of places, just choose the option you like in advance and negotiate directly.

In general, due to the automation and development of the Internet, tens of millions of people can lose their jobs. And in order not to lose your earnings in the future, you should think about getting a new relevant profession.

To help in this difficult matter,

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