5 animals that can survive even in the apocalypse


Of the 1.6 million animal species, most live in greenhouse conditions. Only a few are able to withstand any natural disasters and live comfortably in any weather.

An invertebrate animal, their maximum size does not exceed 2 millimeters. Tardigrades were found at the bottom of the ocean, in hot springs, under ice, and even sent into outer space. And they easily endure any apocalypse!

Tardigrades can exist for several minutes at a temperature of + 150 ° С, and at –200 ° С their viability increases to five days. They are not afraid of X-rays and high pressure.

When in poor conditions, the tardigrade goes into hibernation and practically stops its metabolism. During sleep in her body

Imagine that the planet is going to have an ice age tomorrow. The first candidate to survive it is a tree frog. Z

However, with the onset of warmth, the creature, as if nothing had happened, returns to normal life. The activity of the heart, lungs and brain is restored. All thanks to glucose, which is stored in the summer and spent on maintaining life during frost.

If the planet runs out of water, then almost all species of animals will disappear. Without life-giving moisture, a person can live 10 days, and a kangaroo jumper can live all his life, about 5 years!

They get the necessary liquid from food.

Today kangaroo jumpers

Far from being the most pleasant creatures. They are difficult to deduce, and not surprisingly:

Representatives of the species live on all continents, with the exception of Antarctica. They cover a large area from tropical forests to deserts. For example, the species Eupolyphaga everestiana can live on Mount Everest, 7000 meters above sea level.

Cockroaches can live without food for a whole month. And the lethal dose of radiation for them is several times greater than for humans. They only need a minimal amount of water and oxygen, and even without a head they

A small burrowing rodent of the mole rat family. They live in East Africa — Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya. These amazing creatures live in hard, dry soil and do not climb to the surface at all.

They feed on the tubers of plants, from where they receive the necessary substances and water. Diggers

Their longevity is striking: naked mole rats live 10 times longer than other animals of the same size, 30 years versus 1-3! Scientists are trying to decipher the genome of these rodents in order to uncover the secret of longevity and apply it to humans.

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