5 animals that are far ahead of humans in life expectancy

Man is one of the longest-lived species on the planet. He overtakes many mammals, birds, fish. But there are creatures on the planet whose lifespan makes them jealous.

The longest living representative of vertebrates.

This long-liver lives in the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean, from the inhospitable shores of Greenland to the frozen waters of northern Russia. It is a super predator, reaches 7.3 meters in length and feeds on everything that had the misfortune to turn up under the teeth.

However, researchers still cannot understand how exactly the Greenland shark gets its food. The fact is that these individuals are extremely slow and clumsy. Perhaps the polar predator does not chase after prey, but watches over it, setting up unexpected ambushes.

The soft-bodied mollusk «Arctica islandica» is approximately the same age as the Greenland shark, living in the same places. An animal named Min, caught by English scientists off the coast of Iceland,

The upper age threshold of the creature has not been determined and, probably, if Min had not been in the laboratory, he would have been able to live at least another couple of hundred years.

One of the immortal creatures

Old age is unfamiliar to this animal: all hydra cells are regularly renewed. In addition, the creature is hermaphrodite, has male and female sexual characteristics. In adverse conditions, hydra can reproduce even asexually.

Nevertheless, the creature still finds the opportunity to die — from hunger, from the attack of larger animals, an unfavorable climate and the experiments of scientists.

Unlike freshwater hydra,

After reproduction, the jellyfish transforms into a polyp and lives the cycle again. This is due to the infinite number of stem cells.

At the moment, Turritopsis dohrnii is the subject of close attention of researchers from all over the world who want to realize the dream of many generations and make a person immortal.

The absolute champion among all centenarians.

The sponge is a multicellular organism with an attached lifestyle. The creature has no real tissues and organs. Their functions are performed by cell layers. However, it is also an animal. Like the hydra, the sponge has amazing regeneration, and therefore is hypothetically immortal.

Perhaps scientists will someday figure out how to apply the mechanisms of immortality of these creatures to humans and significantly prolong life. Let’s hope so 🙂