4 unusual space phenomena that have occurred over the past decade


The cosmos is full of mysteries and unusual phenomena, something incredible is constantly happening in it. Over the past decade, many events have taken place that have shocked both astronomers and ordinary observers.

Surely you have heard at least once about a solar or lunar eclipse. But the eclipse of Jupiter is not a very common phenomenon. In 2015, using the Hubble telescope, scientists

From Earth, astronomers saw 3 dark spots against the background of a huge gas giant, but from Jupiter itself, 3 eclipses could be seen at once. Scientists predict the next similar event for 2032.

W75N (B) -VLA2 — space object,

At first, the object looked like a dense gaseous medium surrounded by a cloud of dust. For 18 years, researchers have been able to trace the early stages of star formation. The picture taken in 2014 clearly shows the changes: the shell previously located in the form of a torus takes the form of a sphere, which has 2 poles.

Quite a rare event with an interval of 100 years. Venus at this moment passes between the Sun and the Earth and becomes visible to us even with the naked eye. We will be able to see the next event on December 10, 2117.

In a sense, this can be called an eclipse. But since Venus is located at a distance of 260 million km from the Earth, the diameter of its disk against the background of the Sun looks 30 times smaller and cannot completely cover the star from us.

It can be seen as a dark spot against the background of the solar disk. All that is needed is glasses with darkening to protect from bright light. Venus was last seen in June 2012, so we are unlikely to see a similar phenomenon next time.

A spectacular astronomical event that is often mentioned in the media. This is the moment at which several planets line up one after the other.

Parades differ in the number of objects involved in them: small — up to 4 planets, large — from 5. And the more their number, the less frequent the event. Small parades can occur once every 20 years. Full, when all the planets line up, happen a couple of times in a million years.

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