4 territories that belong to Russia, but are outside of it


The cold Arctic islands of Svalbard, the warm coast of the Red Sea and the desert landscapes of Kazakhstan — the Russian flag flies over these and some other foreign territories.

Forgotten, abandoned to the very end of the Earth, a Russian workers’ settlement. Barentsburg is located on the island of West Spitsbergen and is the second largest settlement in the archipelago. Here

Officially, the archipelago belongs to Norway. However, other countries can actually build cities and extract local resources. Today such a right

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Barentsburg is unprofitable and is kept afloat by subsidies. Its existence is due to geopolitical considerations. The fact is that Russia disputes the ownership of the archipelago. The presence of the Russian population here is the only thread that allows the country to declare its interests.

In addition to the mine, the village has a thermal power plant, a port, apartment buildings, a hospital, a sports complex, a kindergarten, a school, a research center, a museum and an Orthodox church.

The Baikonur complex in Kazakhstan is a leased area fully financed by Russia. Until 2050

The complex costs the state budget 10 billion rubles a year: in addition to lease, part of it goes to the maintenance of the cosmodrome facilities and the city budget. Population of Baikonur

Despite friendly relations with Kazakhstan, the lease of the cosmodrome often leads to conflicts over accusations of environmental disasters.

In addition, the southern neighbor periodically obstructs missile launches, and in 2014

According to the convention on Antarctica, the continent

Russia also

Officially, the Russian army has settled in 10 countries: Abkhazia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Syria, Tajikistan, South Ossetia and Sudan.

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