4 large nations of the world living without their own state


There are several dozen large nations in the world that have their own language, culture and customs, but do not have the most important thing — their homeland.

They fight for their existence every day and face contempt from the local population.

This nation numbers over 40 million and is scattered throughout the Middle East. Kurds are descendants of the ancient Medes. From the 7th to the 5th century BC Mussel

However, the Medes could not retain their supremacy in the region and since then have been part of various empires. In the Middle Ages, Kurdistan was divided between Persia and the Ottoman Empire, and already in the 20th century, the territory was divided by Turkey, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Iran and Syria.

For many years the Kurds have been trying to gain independence and from time to time they raise uprisings. The uprisings are brutally suppressed and provoke people to migrate to Europe. Therefore, the creation of Kurdistan remains the dream of a long-suffering people.

A nation that needs no introduction. Gypsies have been roaming the planet for more than a thousand years, and during this time they managed to populate all the continents of the planet. The largest Roma communities are located in the United States, Brazil, Spain and Romania.

In total, the people have about 10 million representatives. The gypsies owe their stateless position to a certain Indian padishah, who in the 6th century

The Indians lived in Persia for 400 years, and then migrated to Europe. The nomadic life and the lack of a permanent source of income contributed to the high degree of criminalization of the Roma. Until the middle of the 20th century, such activities provoked persecution. Like the Jews, the nation

Today, the Roma do not even think about creating their own state. At the end of the 20th century, they recognized themselves as a nomadic nation, adopted a common flag and traditions, and dispersed on this.

Middle Eastern people, leading its history from 2400 BC. They have nothing to do with the Syrians and are anthropologically far from them. Are Christians and number over 3 million. Assyrians lost their statehood in Antiquity.

During the First World War, the people were subjected to genocide by the Ottoman Empire, Persia and Kurdistan. Some Assyrians fled to the West, mainly to the United States, while others were forced to wait for rescue from the Russian and British troops.

In 1919 the people

An ancient Middle Eastern people numbering millions of people around the world. These are the same Amorites with whom the Jews

Unlike the latter, the Palestinians never left their historical homeland, they mixed with the Arabs, adopted Islam and Arab culture. Imagine their surprise when, in 1948, Palestine again ceded to the Jews.

The recent victims of the Holocaust immediately drove the Palestinians out of the region, forcing the latter to flee to neighboring Middle Eastern countries and Europe.

Throughout the second half of the 20th century, the Palestinians waged armed resistance, and yet

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