3 reasons why space exploration could be dangerous for humanity


XXI century is the time of space exploration, landing on Mars, construction of bases on the Moon. Dreams of space flights are becoming more and more real every day. However, the exploration of extraterrestrial space can be not only useful, but also extremely dangerous.

Establishing a colony on another planet is difficult and costly. In addition to the construction of protective structures, it is necessary to bring all the necessary equipment for the extraction of oxygen and water purification so that nothing threatens the settlement.

What risks does it carry? First, the health of astronauts will be at increased physical, mental and emotional risk. Without gravity, a person’s bones lose strength and muscles weaken.

Indoor insulation hundreds of thousands of kilometers from the home will lead to

If we have not yet found intelligent extraterrestrial life, then alien bacteria and their traces are widely known to us. Most often they are found on asteroids falling to the Earth’s surface.

For example, in the Murchison meteorite that fell in Australia in 1969, researchers discovered amino acids and carbohydrates — the «building blocks» of life that we are made of. Later, Russian scientists from

If microorganisms known to us are found in space, then unknown and even hostile to us can also be found. In this case

Although human immunity will be able to fight them, it will not be able to cope without the necessary treatment. It will take time to develop a vaccine and drugs. But if the infection is dangerous, then the disease can be difficult and humanity will face a new plague.

In the 15th century, when the Spaniards first sailed to the New World, there were 100 million Indians in America. After 30 years, their number has decreased by 10 times. The Europeans brought with them typhus, smallpox, measles and plague, from which the Native Americans had no immunity.

The same can await humanity if astronauts encounter an unknown dangerous disease and somehow transmit it to Earth.

Space debris — man-made objects that have remained in Earth’s orbit and no longer fulfill their planned tasks. These are parts of worn-out elements of multistage missiles, broken satellites and debris formed from their collision.

All such wreckage

An alarming incident occurred in 2009, when the abandoned Russian satellite Kosmos-2251 collided with the American satellite Iridium at an altitude of 800 km above Siberia. Both cars split into over 2000 pieces.

Every year there is more and more space debris. If we don’t learn how to remove it, perhaps one day we simply won’t be able to launch rockets into space without damaging them.

Of course, you can dream about space exploration. But for dreams to come true, many problems need to be solved, including those that can become fatal for humanity.