3 places where gypsies could build their state


Roma are the largest ethnic minority in Europe. For a thousand years, this nation has been wandering around the world, constantly being discriminated against. At the same time, they often lead a marginal lifestyle and do not comply with the laws of the countries in which they live.

Because of this, European countries have long been discussing the idea of ​​creating a single Gypsy state like Israel, where this nomadic people can move.

Like Jews, Roma were victims of genocide by Nazi Germany. Gypsies, who came from India and spoke the language of the Indo-Iranian group, were «Aryans», like the Germans.

However, this did not stop the Nazis from declaring the gypsies an inferior race and starting to purge them. Since 1935, Roma have been sterilized and sent to labor camps, and subsequently physically exterminated.

However, after the collapse of the Third Reich, when the question of the addition of Israel and the payment of compensation to the victims of the Holocaust was being decided, the Roma remained aloof from the attention of the great victorious powers.

Why did it happen? First, the Roma did not have political self-organization and there was no one to represent the interests of the oppressed nation.

In addition, if the Jews have a clearly defined historical homeland, then

The Roma political movement, aimed at protecting the interests of the nation, was formed only by 1971. And only in 2008 politicians

Ancestors of modern gypsies

But the gypsies are unlikely to agree to move there. India

Also the north of India is rather poor. More than 50% of the population lives below the $ 0.4 a day poverty line. Separatist sentiments and terrorism are also widespread here.

No one is waiting for the gypsies here, and no monetary compensation will force the nomadic nation to move to such a dysfunctional and troubled land.

Some years ago

However, this idea was rejected. Russian gypsies with Europeans will not get along under any circumstances. Since the times of the USSR, they have been sedentary and profess Orthodoxy. Western Roma are mostly Muslims and nomads.

According to one version, the beginning of the migration of Roma

In Persia, the Indians spent 400 years until civil strife forced them to flee west. That’s why

It is unlikely that the Roma will be able to build their own state in the near future. They will continue to wander around the world, preserving their way of life.