3 major disasters in Russia in 2020

2020 was the worst year for humanity in a long time, at least since the Second World War. It turned into a catastrophically huge number of natural and man-made disasters. Our country has also been hit hard this year.

The mysterious death of 95% of marine animals covered more than 300 kilometers of the Russian Pacific coast. The causes of the environmental disaster in September-October 2020 are still unclear.

The scale of the disaster shook the country: the storm washed ashore hundreds of thousands of dead fish, octopuses, crabs, shellfish and seals. According to local divers, the situation looked even more tragic under water: the ocean floor was literally lined with dead organisms.

Deterioration in well-being was also recorded in people who swam in the sea before the disaster was made public. At the same time, the authorities did not even investigate the incident for a long time.

To date, experts identify 2 versions of the reasons for the death of animals: abnormal reproduction of algae, which released a huge amount of natural neurotoxin, and the leakage of toxic substances from the Radygino military training ground, located 10 km from the coast.

The flowering of dinoflagellates is called «red tide». The abnormal activity of algae could have been facilitated by an increase in water temperature by 1-2 degrees, as well as an increase in the content of phosphates in the sea. However, this version seems extremely unlikely.

The Radygino military training ground, located not far from the accident site, is recognized as one of the sources of toxic substances. In 2015, the military already

This version

This ecological disaster, which occurred in May 2020, became the largest cataclysm of the polar Arctic in the entire history of its development.

The cause of the accident

Oil products reached the Kara Sea and dealt a strong blow to the ecosystem of the Arctic Ocean. The disaster was the result of the negligence of Norilsk Nickel’s management: the company did not allocate funds for updating the technical equipment and did not check the condition of the reservoirs at the CHPP itself.

In addition, the actions of the Norilsk city leadership, which tried to silence the scale of the disaster and did not perform timely work to eliminate the incident, became irresponsible.

The events in Norilsk are the result of total corruption around Norilsk Nickel, which bribed the administration of the city and did not allow inspection state bodies to visit their facilities.

The companies were sentenced to a fine of 146 billion rubles, the money should go to repair damage from the accident.

Of course, the main event that shocked Russia and the whole world was the SARS-CoV-2 virus. For over a year now, the coronavirus has become a close neighbor and a curse for us.

According to Rosstat, from COVID-19