1921 year. What happened on the planet exactly 100 years ago?


Over the past year and half of this year, many good and tragic events have happened. But we have much to be surprised. 1921 is a time of global changes, a period in the life of ardent hearts and the formation of amazing human destinies.

For several years Russia has been in chaos from the consequences of the First World War, the overthrow of the emperor and the socialist revolution. The civil war in Russia moved to the Far East, Mongolia, Central Asia and the Transcaucasus.

There is a bloody war with Poland, which

The policy was characterized by the abolition of private entrepreneurship, the nationalization of industry, the confiscation of money and savings from the population, as well as food appropriation,

Compulsory labor service was introduced and the entire economy was militarized. The communists tried to destroy the commodity and money circulation, literally abolish money and equalize all people in material wealth.

Disappointed with the Soviet regime, violent uprisings broke out throughout the country: Tambov, Karelian, Ishim, Kronstadt, Basmach uprisings in Central Asia and others.

The existing problems forced the Bolsheviks to adopt a new economic policy: money returned, the tax burden of the population

Summer turned out to be extremely dry and ruined the harvest. Famine affected 40 million people, 15% of them did not meet the new 1922.

After the end of the First World War in Turkey, the people’s war of independence, directed against Western intervention, does not subside. The allies set Armenia against Turkey, and the Turkish revolutionary leader Mustafa Kemal appeals to Soviet Russia for help.

The Bolsheviks, being politically isolated from the whole world and hoping for an alliance with Istanbul,

The uprising in Ireland ended in Great Britain. Southern Ireland gained independence, the North remained with the British. The Irish continue to organize terrorist attacks and prepare for a new war.

In post-war Germany, hyperinflation, unemployment, poverty. The influence of local Social Democrats, who organized a major March uprising in the central provinces, is growing.

In July, the young Hitler became the chairman of the little-known Bavarian NSDAP party. In conditions of revanchist sentiments and total poverty, Hitler’s slogans were incredibly successful.

A conflict broke out between Sweden and Finland over the Åland Islands. Sweden occupied the territory, but in October, under pressure from the League of Nations, handed them over to Finland.

The Communist Party was established in China, led by Cheng Duxiu. In 6 years, a civil war will break out, which will drag on for 30 years.

In the United States, there is a dry law and mafia organizations appear. Society is criminalized, corruption is widespread. Whites oppress blacks and Asians.

Mixed marriages are prohibited, schools accept students on the basis of race, and segregation is widespread. In June, 19-year-old black guy Dick Rowland in Tulsa

The next 100 years will be filled with fantastic events. However, this is true both for 1921 and now. What do you think will happen in the coming decades? Write your versions in the comments!