10 largest diasporas of Russians in other countries


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USA is a country

The Russian diaspora in the United States is all residents of the post-Soviet space. Most of the immigrants are in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New England, the southeastern states and the west coast of the country. Experts highlight

A significant proportion of Russian Americans who emigrated during the Soviet era changed their surnames to the American way. For example, the Sigalovichs (Steven Seagal), the Mironovs (Helen Mirren) and the Kunitsins (Mila Kunis) are of Russian origin.

Another preferred country for expats,

After the Arabs and Balts, the natives of the USSR occupy the third place among all migrants in Germany — 16%. However, the overwhelming majority of them are ethnic Germans and Jews who lived in the Soviet Union. Thus, there are few Russians themselves here, although many people know Russian.

622 thousand

Among the famous people, one can single out the Canadian physicist Michael Volkov, who proved the existence of neutron stars, or the actress Pamela Anderson with Russian roots.

A country in which Russian is spoken by 20% of the population. Myself

However, some Jews regard the Russian language as a curse. So the Jewish writer Vladimir Zhabotinsky

According to unofficial data, in Argentina

Only a third of this number speaks the language. With the exception of Old Believers and Cossacks, migrants in Argentina live in disunity and are of little interest.

A large diaspora of Russians is located in Ukraine. True, today the Ukrainian authorities are hiding their numbers.

Excluding Crimea and Donbass, population of the country in 2021

Probably the largest diaspora in the world can be

Many of our compatriots are in Uzbekistan — 809 thousand people, the majority

The largest share of Russians abroad

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